Magnificent Enable

With a month to go until the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, I find myself pondering the big race and, according to her connections, the final race of Enable’s spectacular career.

Bee Buck photography

Since childhood I have been in awe of horses, but horses like the magnificent Enable leave me almost speechless.  In many ways she reminds me of Nijinsky.  I distinctly recall the moment I first saw Nijinsky.  I had gone to Windfields to write a story for our magazine on the yearlings being offered for sale.  When Harry Green brought the colt out of the stall he said, “here’s one I think you will like.”

I was thunderstruck.  I had never seen a more beautiful horse.

At about the same time,  photographer, Peter Winnants, was at the farm to take pictures of all the Windfields yearlings.  He too, he would tell me years later, was instantly captivated  by this son of Flaming Page and Northern Dancer.

Nijinsky as a yearling.
Peter Winnants photo

So it should come as little surprise that Nijinsky is found in the family tree of Enable.   Beautiful, magical animals, witnessing their brilliance surely enhances our lives

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