Winx!! Wow!!

Watching Winx claim her 33rd consecutive victory this past weekend reminded me of that time long, long ago when I first became enchanted with Thoroughbreds.


The horse was Northern Dancer, Winx’s great-great grandsire.   When Canada’s courageous and determined colt flew across the Kentucky Derby finish all those years ago, we laughed and we cried tears of joy.

“You’d have thought we had run, and won, that race.  But then, in a way we had.  I believe that a part of each one of us ran with him that afternoon.  Somewhere in the soul, his triumph became our triumph.” (Northern Dancer: the legend and his legacy)

This past weekend as I watched Winx take command of this, her final horse race, once again I cried  tears of joy.  And for the same reasons.



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