Instagrand and Nearctic

Instagrand won his first race by 10 lengths.  His second by 10-1/4.  And punters were backing him to win the Breeders’ Cup.  Instead his owner, Larry Best, put the two year-old colt out to pasture for the rest of the year.

From my perch, a good call.  This extraordinary colt is brimming with Nearctic bloodlines.  A total of six sightings.  Four times via Northern Dancer; once each with Briarctic and Icecapade.


Nearctic is, of course, the source of the ‘speed gene.’  And he certainly was brimming with nervous energy.

So all these generations later I am reminded not only of this great and elegant horse, but of  Windfields trainer, Pete McCann, the one person who understood him.

I only met Nearctic one time.  Years ago with Eddie and Winnie Taylor on a visit to their farm in Maryland.  Nearctic was across the road at Mrs. DuPont’s farm.   It was like visiting nobility.  If ever there was an aristocratic horse, in my opinion, it was Nearctic.


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