the mighty Winx: and why I envy Australians


The mighty Winx has just powered her way to yet another victory – 28 consecutive – but who’s counting?  My Australian friends are following her from track to track, with total devotion… and awe.  And I am totally jealous.

I would love to witness her race, but Australia is a bit of a hike from Toronto.  Still, watching the videos of her races is breathtaking.  How, when it seems all is lost, time and again she finds that next gear.  Like Nijinsky, Winx appears to possess that illusive fifth gear. Furthermore, this mare has such class.  Such dignity. The great ones simply do.

I’m reminded of the glory days of horse racing in Canada.  And how we arranged our lives to make certain we’d be there when one of these super-stars arrived at Woodbine racetrack.   Some, like All Along and Secretariat and Dahlia and Exceller and, of course, Northern Dancer, left an indelible impression.

These days I need to be content with knowing today’s champions are fueled with Canadian bloodlines

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