Meanwhile back at the Winners’ circle

The winner, in this instance, is Northern Dancer: the legend and his legacy.  While published two decades ago, the book continues to enchant readers… often readers who have little, if any, interest in horse racing.

The catalyst for this blog was an email I received recently: “… I’d like you to know how much I am enjoying “Northern Dancer” and I am, what you may call someone who really does not know the difference between a “fetlock and a forelock” to quote one of your delightful accounts of horses, horse racing and the people involved… Totally impressed with your knowledge of the subject.  Engrossing reading!

I’d mentioned your book to my bridge club members– I’m not lending my book… I’d like them to buy it for themselves!”  Julia Tang

Interestingly the story of the book is not dissimilar to that of its subject.  Initially no one wanted to buy the horse; no one wanted to publish his biography.  Despite the fact I already had one book, E.P.Taylor, under my girth, Canadian publishers were unanimous in their rejections.  “Who wants to read a book about a horse?” they brayed.

Hence, at the suggestion of the late Judith Mappin, proprietor of Montreal’s iconic Doublehook bookstore, we started our own publishing operation-  This, the house that Northern Dancer built, continues to tell tales of our equine heros and heroines and their often colourful human companions.  The latest book – Rivers of Gold.

From the perspective of genetics, Northern Dancer bloodlines dominate Winners’ circles the world over.  His biography, by now read by millions, continues to delight and inspire.

It doesn’t get much better than that…

to be continued



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