winners’ circles of the world… the secret formula

Canada, as I may have mentioned once or a thousand times, has produced some of the most powerful Thoroughbred bloodlines in the world.  Yet Canadians appear reluctant to champion this remarkable achievement.

Indeed we might do well to heed the advice of popular US senator, Bernie Sanders, in Toronto recently to speak about health care.  His speech was officially billed “What the US can learn from Canadian health care,” but he covered a wide range of topics.

While on the subject of health care Sanders made a suggestion to his Canadian audience  I now have pinned on the bulletin board:

“I know that Canadians are well known throughout the world as gentle and kind people.  Be a little bit louder.  Stand up and fight for what you have achieved.”

Northern Dancer. 1964 Kentucky Derby(CP photo)

Thank you Bernie Sanders for your insights

and Northern Dancer for your inspiration



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