more memories of Windfields

The unprecedented success of Windfields Farm was due to a number of factors, not the least of which was Eddie Taylor’s great passion for horses.  His determination to provide his horses the very best of everything included hiring the very best horsemen and women to care for these animals.

Living and working on Windfields estate was like waking up one morning and finding myself in the horse-world version of Narnia.  And to top off the magic, I had the opportunity to learn from these legendary horsemen and women.

Harry Green and Northern Dancer. Windfields 1967 (toronto Star photo)

One such mentor was Harry Green, long-time stallion manager.   Harry was now retired, but fortunately for me, he and his wife lived about a mile from the estate.  And Harry missed being in the company of horses, so almost daily he would arrive in the courtyard by the stables in a car the size of a boat.  Ever offering to help.  No chore was too big, nor too small.  And in the process taught us everything from fixing paddock fences to bandaging.

So much of what I know of the history of Windfields I learned listening to Harry’s stories as we cleaned saddles and bridles in the tackroom.  I will forever be grateful to this remarkable man.



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