horses, heroics and memories of Windfields

As rider-in-residence on the Windfields estate, my main responsibility was keeping the riding horses schooled and to accompany Eddie Taylor whenever he wished  to go for a good gallop.

In the early days of Windfields, he rode almost daily.  Often arriving at his office, a coach house on the north west corner of the estate, on horseback.  Often much to the surprise of his business associates.  And to the horror of his doctors who had advised his to stop riding following an accident aboard one of his retired Thoroughbreds that left him with a fractured pelvis.

When I arrived at Windfields he was in his 70’s.  While he had cut back a little

Eddie EP Taylor his horse, Philip. and me riding The Duchess of Windfields

on his riding, he had no intention of stopping.  Indeed was determined to ride at least until he was 80.


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