Wonderful Winx

She did it!   Winx handily added her 4th Cox Plate to her astonishing record.

Winx – 29th

And watching the crowds go wild in the presence of Winx I am reminded of something I wrote many years ago about Northern Dancer.  He was, at the time, Canada’s Winx.  The entire country was cheering him on.  And when he won, we too went wild:

When Northern Dancer won, we laughed, we cried.  We hugged, we danced…you’d have thought we had run, and won, that race.  But then, in a way we had.  I believe that a part of each one of us ran with him that afternoon.  Somewhere in the soul, his triumph became our triumph.”

It’s what horses do for us, isn’t it.  In those brief moments from the sound of the bell to galloping past the wire, they give our souls an amazing ride.

Thank you Winx.


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