the ‘Dancer, the Derby, and the Canadian hardiness factor

Northern Dancer. 1964 Kentucky Derby(CP photo)

On the first Saturday in May 1964 a very leg-weary Northern Dancer stood in the winners’ circle at Churchill Downs, a blanket of red roses strewn across his withers.  In that instant he became Canada’s Horse and we Canadians (uncharacteristically) took to the streets in celebration.

Following thru on advice given by US senator Bernie Sanders that Canadians should take  pride in this country’s achievements, it’s time, once again for a little (uncharacteristic) boasting.  As of the post position draw earlier this week, I can confirm that every horse in the 2018 Kentucky Derby will not only find Northern Dancer in it’s bloodlines, but a cast of other Canadian-bred mares and stallions.

The Thoroughbred is, of course, a hybrid, and as such, f0llows the scientific rules as laid out by Gregor Mendel – the converging certain genetic streams has the promise of creating a hardier hybrid.   Which is, I believe, happened here.

And then there’s the weather.  Our horses have no choice but to be hardy.


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