Curlin.. “Rivers of Gold” poster boy

While Canadians appear to be reticent braggers… we are okay with pointing out obvious achievements.  Only not too loudly.  Hence today we look at Curlin, the outstanding champion and US Horse of the Year 2007 and 2008.

That 4 of the leading contenders for 2018 Kentucky Derby are sons of Curlin should be no great surprise.


Indeed when I set out to write Rivers of Gold and discovered   Curlin hailed from the convergence of Canada’s genetic streams, I knew I was on to something.

Writing Rivers of Gold, a book combining history, the science of genetics, while weaving a massive and colourful tapestry of stories of horses and their people was challenging.  And tiring.  Yet when, near the end of this lengthy journey, I was introduced to Curlin’s dam, Sherriff’s Deputy, I was totally revitalized.

Sherriff’s Deputy (dam of Curlin)

Indeed, the story of this remarkable mare, was the highlight of the entire saga and I thank Shannon White for her assistance in filling in the details.

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