what would Eddie Taylor do?

Nijinsky as a yearling.
Peter Winnants photo

Often when mired in indecision I ask myself “what would Eddie Taylor do?”  And am immediately rewarded with memories of the man’s eternal and cheerful optimism.

When he set out to breed great horses in Canada his Kentucky friends, to a man, warned him he was on a fool’s mission…too much snow and ice.  Taylor, of course, paid them no heed.

Eddie and his wife,Winnie, were in the stands in 1948 when the mighty Citation was anointed US Triple Crown honours.  That same afternoon Eddie was inspired to breed the next Citation.

Instead of driving back to Canada they went to Kentucky for the sales.  They purchased 5 yearlings.  In years to come, two of these youngsters would become distinguished as the maternal grandparents of British Triple Crown winner, the magnificent Nijinsky.

Nijinsky’s sire, of course, Northern Dancer.

… a continuing reminder of Taylor’s cheerful optimism… and the magic therein..

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