Tiz the Law: defeated by the racing surface

Wow.  Tiz the Law was the overwhelming favourite to win the 2020 Kentucky Derby.  Not simply because in this, the time of Covid, we are looking for stories that will make us smile.  Tiz the Law’s performances in his previous races, and especially the Travers, were stellar.  He was, we believed, the real deal.   Indeed, just minutes prior to the running of the Derby, he was the almost unanimous choice of NBC handicappers and experts.

The fact he is owned by the Sackatoga Stable gang of friends that owned Funny Cide the 2003 Derby winner and back then the gang arrived at Churchill Downs in a  yellow school bus.  Now this year, and due to covid and social-distancing, they had hired 2 yellow school busses to chauffeur them to Churchill Downs only added to the charm of this exceptional horse.

And, of course, Canada’s Northern Dancer factors prominently in Tiz the Law’s bloodlines.

We all knew the one glitch on Tiz the Law’s young racing career occurred last November at Churchill Downs.  He finished third.  Seems he may not have liked the racing surface any more then than he did on the fist Saturday in September.

According to trainer, Barclay Tagg, Tiz the Law’s jockey, Manny Franco, said that when the colt “had to get down and run, he was kind of swimming on that track.  He didn’t like the track.”

“You could see it in the stretch,” Tagg continued, “He looked like he was going to go on by and win easy…when I watch the replay you could see he just wasn’t getting a hold of it nicely.”

Those of us gathered around our television sets could also see it.  The colt was really struggling.  It looked as if he couldn’t get traction.  And let’s face it, the ground beneath the hooves of our equine friends is critical

Me?  No doubt that he is the real deal.

(The photo was taken at Churchill Downs several days before the Derby.  It had, I believe, rained earlier in the week)

Tiz the Law



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