Great horses, great books, and the story behind the story

There are many, many stages in the writing and the publishing of books: the glimmer of an idea; research; more research; the first draft; second draft; third draft.  This afternoon my latest book, Secret life of horses, entered the next stage when it went out to the “readers” for their input.  Phew.

So now I will have a little time on my hands before entering the next phase: working with my editor.  Hence, since we all are still in some form of isolation, I thought it would be a good time to share the various, and sometimes rocky, paths my other books have taken.

While Northern Dancer: the legend and his legacy, with over a million readers, is the most widely read, likely the most important work is Dark Horse: unraveling the mystery of Nearctic.  It is also, in my opinion, as book that everyone with an interest in Thoroughbreds should read, because almost 100% descend from this one aristocratic stallion.

Not long into the research of Dark Horse, I was astonished to discover that very little was known of this very important horse.  Later I would discover that there were people that did not want this story told.  Indeed, there are parts to this plot that would make my friend and bestselling author, the late Dick Francis, advise me, one more time, to turn my talents to writing fiction.

Perhaps I shall, but in the meantime, and while I await the verdicts of the Secret life of horses “readers,” I will share the story behind the story of Dark Horse.

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