Northern Dancer: out of the gate: part 2

Writing about Northern Dancer’s magnificent son, Viceregal, reminded me of several things, not the least of which was the size of foal crops these days.  In his first year at stud Northern Dancer was bred to 21 mares.  One of his many descendants, US Triple Crown winner, Justify, was bred to 252 mares in his first year at stud.

Justify’s first foal. a filly. photo Audley Farm

Northern Dancer’s stud fee was $10,000.  Justify’s advertised stud fee is $150,000.  Do the math…

Justify’s family tree, incidentally, is brimming with Northern Dancer sons.  Nijinsky is in there 3 times; Storm Bird, once; and Vice Regent once.

… to be continued


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