“Rivers of Gold” and some uncharacteristic Canadian boasting…

“… Canadians are well known throughout the world as kind and gentle people,” offered US Senator Bernie Sanders when in Canada last fall to explore our health care, “but be a bit louder and stand up and fight for what you have achieved and defended.”

While Sanders was referring to health care, the same can be said about other Canadian achievements… and in this instance, our horses.

Years ago people advised Eddie Taylor and Joseph Seagram there was no way they could raise Thoroughbreds, much less great Thoroughbreds, in Canada.  All that ice and snow… Well, here’s the thing… Somewhere between Taylor and Seagram importing herds of the finest mares from the UK… and our foals not only enduring a harsh climate, but embracing it, Canada has provided countless herds of the finest, hardiest bloodlines on the planet.

So we are taking Senator Sanders advice… and standing up for what Canada has achieved… which in the case of the leading Kentucky Derby contenders…. they all will find their ancestors in Canada’s Rivers of Gold!!!  Yahoo!!!!

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