Rivers of Gold…launched

It seems somehow appropriate that Rivers of Gold would be launched amid wild weather conditions.  As I delved further and further into researching and writing the story I felt as if I was being carried along by the sheer force of these genetic streams.

A story, if you are as fascinated with Thoroughbred horses as I am, that took on a life of its own.  Simply, it demanded telling. My job, of course, not only to get the facts straight, but to bring the story to life.  Still, somewhere between the science of breeding astonishingly great hybrid horses and chronicling their tales and those of their significant humans, it felt a bit like white water rafting.

As with the writing of the book, the day of the launch began easily.  But by mid-afternoon the gentle breeze had morphed into gale force winds.  The sunshine had disappeared, replaced by driving rain so fierce windshield wipers could not compete.

The launch of Rivers was hosted by the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame at Woodbine racetrack.  The weather was so wild racing officials were unable to utilize the outdoor walking ring.

Still in some ways the launch felt surreal – as we sat among the installations and photographs honouring our great horses of the past, all the while cheering on their descendants as they braved the elements on the track.

Is it possible, Rivers of Gold, this great Canadian story, is destined to take the world of the Thoroughbred by storm…..


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